The Great Amazon-Google Smackdown Hits the Vegas Strip

Darnell Taylor
January 14, 2018

Panasonic, meanwhile, announced that it would incorporate Alexa, Amazon's digital assistant, into its in-car equipment. As evidenced by the white jumpsuit-clad Google-ites at dozens of booths, it's also about third-party integrations. These third-party services are referred to as Assistant apps and, since the beginning, finding them has been hard, if not impossible.

It's just fantastic how lots of people are coming to this event year after year and they're all excited to show stuff and find out stuff and they leave with much fun and facts learned from this event, even if a lot of those things are weird and majority show devices, it's actually great for everyone. Not only was it not categorized or sortable, there was no way to search.

But it's not just about the devices Google is making.

Thankfully, that all changed. Google Assistant could also become a platform for buying products online. Now called Actions, these skills will appear in their own section of the Google Assistant app.

Google's philosophy regarding Assistant is that it's a way for people to interact naturally with technology and access information inside their homes or cars, without having to take out a laptop or smartphone, says Gummi Hafsteinsson, product management director for Google Assistant.

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YouTube support is also handled intuitively, recognising contextual prompts to help you out - in our demo, asking Google how to prepare the rosemary in a recipe it was reading out prompted it to automatically pull up a relevant YouTube tutorial. The device is available to purchase in two different color options. Maybe it's a problem of marketing -the company was quick to point at Build in May that its smart assistant now has 141 million monthly users.

The most daunting part, however, is knowing where to begin - like knowing what to search. EBay we're not sure where they're going, but they do (at least in the United States and Australia) have an early solution which works with Google Assistant. The best way to approach it is to keep it simple and let Google do what Google does best.

You'll be able to see your calendar on the screen, check recipes, watch videos and more. Assistant for Android Auto will perform actions like controlling your smart home, play music from Spotify or Google Play Music, get directions from Google Maps or Waze and send and receive messages from services like WhatsApp, among other things. The answers will come in sometimes surprisingly specific categories. The 720p camera means whoever you're calling can see you as well.

Demonstrators spoke to voice-activated robots created by Google and Amazon throughout the day. The Amazon Echo Dot sold for $29 during the shopping season, while the Google Home Mini sold for $50 (and much less with promotions from retailers like Walmart).

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