Could This Is Us Be All In Jack's Head?

Lula Sharp
March 14, 2018

After last season's heart-wrenching cliffhanger where young Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) has an epic fight with Rebecca (Mandy Moore) over her singing career, familial duties, his alcoholism and his jealousy, season 2 largely stayed in a happier space, centering around Toby and Kate's wedding (Chris Sullivan and Chrissy Metz), and the latter's dream about her father growing old and renewing his wedding vows at a 40th anniversary ceremony with the family in attendance. Toby has often had to be the strong and supportive one. Kate asks Kevin if their dad would have been OK with the wedding being at the cabin. We've all got something we're contending with, or several things, and so while they would be an unexpected friendship, it really does work. She wants to get the banana pudding flavor, Jack's favorite, to serve at the wedding. They talk about how he was severely depressed after his first marriage broke down.

But while Deja has regressed, this week featured plenty of growth for the rest of the Pearson family, and the main four specifically. She promises that she's not going to do anything of the sort and gifts him a Leslie Nielsen bow tie. What happened from the time Kate and Toby said their "I do's" to when Toby found himself in life low?

Though "This Is Us" always makes people emotional, teenage Kate actress Hannah Zeile warned that it would be a hopeful finale.

The answer is still hazy-but in Tuesday's finale, it became clear that while Beth might not be dead in the future, she's nearly certainly not well. They do eventually find her at the tree stump after she's spread Jack's ashes.

She reiterated that Randall and Beth only have Deja's best interest at heart; although the situation is a bit hard because Deja's birth mother is still a big part of that picture.

At the wedding, Beth's cousin Zoey is the photographer. It would also contextualize Jack's potentially telling words to Rebecca, when he says, "Where'd the time go, Bec?" Beth's parents raised her.

"Like Kate, it is unconventional, emotional, and unexpected", Metz told Entertainment Weekly. He toasts about not knowing what the future holds or being able to control it but being able to control who you spend it with.

During Randall's toast, we see glimpses of where the Pearsons will be in the future.

-There's a shot of Deja (Lyric Ross) smashing the windshield of Randall's Mercedes with what looks to be Jack's baseball bat.

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Kevin Pearson [Justin Hartley] was also shown dating Beth's cousin Zoe and they were both flying to Vietnam.

It's wedding day! Kate decides at the last minute to go to an ice cream shop she and her dad used to go to. Miguel is sweet and reminds her that at least she's not him.

They were both not ready to see "her" leaving fans to speculate about the person's identity. These visions play out throughout the episode's first half: everyone watching the two lovebirds, as entranced with each other as they ever were, listening to their stories about things like Big Three Homes and Rebecca's encore performance of "Moonshadow".

"I think we've seen Kate and Toby weather a lot".

Kate and Rebecca have a heart-to-heart before wedding.

"I can't tell you who the 'her" is, but we'll be definitely following up on it in season three, ' Berger said. I'm also eager to see Kevin happy again. Do you feel that season two showed more of Kate's inner-life? And like Randall and Beth, the millions of Americans who watch this show still somehow feel better by spending their time considering how all of life's very bad things might come to pass.

Bear with us. We know we've seen Jack's body lying in the hospital - well, a blurry image from afar of Jack's body.

As for Season 3, Zeile says the writers are already hard at work brainstorming new ideas to get viewers emptying their tear ducts and keeping Kleenex in business - especially now that the elephant in the room (or, how Jack dies) has finally been addressed. Want more news? Like our This Is Us Facebook page.

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