Drunkest states in the US

Nellie Chapman
March 10, 2018

Heavy drinking can lead to many health issues, such as hypertension and cancer.

West Virginia is nearly at the very bottom of the list of excessive alcohol drinkers with just 11.4 percent of their adults reporting excessive drinking, but the state's percentage of alcohol-related driving deaths is quite high at 32 percent. "While indeed a larger share of affluent individuals drink excessively, "...they do so less heavily". Interestingly, Wisconsin still has low premature death rates.

Of the 50 states in the list, Alabama ranked the 47th in terms of excessive alcohol consumption, while Utah was ranked 48th with 13 percent and 12.4 percent excessive alcohol consumption among adults, respectively.

Alaska and Montana follow Wisconsin in the list of alcohol-loving states, with a respective 22.1 percent and 21.8 percent of adults excessively drinking.

The CDC defines binge drinking as four or more drinks in a single sitting for women and five or more for men. Perhaps the adult smoking rate of 21.9% - the seventh highest share among all states - contributes to the higher premature death rate.

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Low excessive drinking rates in Utah are partially attributable to religious faith. It is also significantly lower than the nationwide percentage of 18 percent.

Drinking in excess can lead to numerous health problems and also claims around 99,000 lives every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Wisconsin has been named the second-drunkest state in America, according to a financial news and opinion website.

The most sober state in the country? This could be a function of income, as states with lower drinking rates also tend to have lower incomes, and poorer states generally report poorer health outcomes. The study notes states with higher excessive drinking rates tend to be wealthier because alcohol can be costly, but that's not the case in Louisiana, with the median household income sitting around $45,156 per year. For example, lack of exercise can lead to obesity and heart problems, and in MS, 31.9% of adults lead completely sedentary lives, the highest share among all states and well above the national average of 22.0%.

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