Ex-Playboy model sues to break silence on Trump

Lula Sharp
March 20, 2018

A former Playboy model who claimed she had an affair with President Donald Trump is seeking to invalidate an agreement that prohibited her from discussing the relationship.

Although the $150K deal required Karen McDougal to remain silent about the alleged affair to all other parties, McDougal discovered that it did not require the Enquirer ever to publish it, she says in the lawsuit (read it here).

Karen McDougal filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against American Media Inc, publisher of the National Enquirer, which paid her $150,000 in 2016 to keep quiet on the matter, according to a copy of the lawsuit provided by her lawyer, Peter Stris.

Clifford is also trying to break out of a non-disclosure agreement and related lawsuits are flying back and forth between her, Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen and, as of last week, Trump himself.

After she spoke to The New Yorker about her alleged affair with Trump, McDougal says she received an additional threat from AMI, telling her that "any further disclosures would breach Karen's contract" and "cause considerable monetary damages".

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The White House has said Trump denies having an affair with McDougal.

Ms. Clifford and Ms. McDougal tell strikingly similar stories about their experiences with Mr. Trump, which included alleged trysts at the same Lake Tahoe golf tournament in 2006, dates at the same Beverly Hills hotel and promises of apartments as gifts.

The Times said Karen McDougal is suing to be released from an agreement mandating her silence. Trump, who had been married to future First Lady Melania Trump for less than two years, allegedly offered her money but she turned it down. McDougal also claims that Davidson told her that her story was worth millions, and she signed the agreement. "I just want the opportunity to set the record straight and move on with my life, free from this company, its executives, and its lawyers". She claims she had an affair with Trump in 2006 after she met him while he was filming an episode of "The Apprentice" at the Playboy Mansion. "Through efforts including the collusion of her own lawyer, AMI has consistently deceived and manipulated Mr. McDougal through an illegitimate contract".

McDougal became the second woman this month to challenge efforts by associates of Trump's to block them during the presidential campaign from talking about alleged past extramarital relationships with the real estate developer-turned-president.

Adult film actress Stormy Daniels - who was paid $130,000 by Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, in exchange for her silence - similarly filed suit earlier this month.

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