Google Doodle Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Pi(e) Day

Alonzo Simpson
March 14, 2018

Historically, the first Pi Day was held at a San Francisco Science Museum in 1988 when the physicist looked at the calendar and made a decision to pay homage to the mathematical entity.

Google on Wednesday celebrated the 30th anniversary of the mathematical constant Pi, a fundamental element of several mathematical fields, with a doodle of actual pies.

Google said "today's delectable Doodle - baked & built by award-winning pastry chef and creator of the Cronut® Dominique Ansel - pays homage to this well-rounded mathematical constant by representing the pi formula (circumference divided by diameter) using - what else - pie!" If you were curious, the National Pi Day official website has expanded it to a million places. Therefore, it is an irrational number which is less than infinity.

Pi is the ratio between a circle's circumference and its diameter.

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Memorizing Pi has been something that has fascinated people and there have been straight records for the same with the record for the most digits of pi being memorized by Rajveer Meena of Vellore, India, who recited 70,000 decimal places of pi on March 21, 2015, according to The Guinness Book Of World Records. The ancient Babylonians calculated pi roughly 4,000 years ago. If you ask an engineer, he'll say "Pi?"

Pi does not belong in the category of normal numbers, at least it is believed so by Mathematicians.

Meanwhile, NASA is also celebrating Pi Day in its own special manner.

March 14 is celebrated as Pi Day when the date lines up in the numbers of the famous constant. This involves the calculation of Martian earthquakes, the helium rain on Jupiter and the rotation rate of asteroids and even the solar eclipse.

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