Google Maps now supports six additional regional languages for voice navigation

Alonzo Simpson
March 14, 2018

Unlike the traditional street address and house name that is government dependent, Google Plus Codes make use of latitude and longitude grids to physically map your current location and break them up using a simple code system.

India continues to inspire us and pushes us to reimagine what Maps can do for people.

Besides the introduction of the smart Plus Codes feature, the company also announced the addition of voice support for Google Maps in six Indian regional languages-Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, and Bengali. While some addresses are well-defined by street names and house numbers that are easy to find, others can be long-winded and hard to locate. Places that are close together share similar plus codes, while the system is identificable by the "+" symbol in every address. They are unique in format, and vary across regions, localities, and use cases.

Plus Codes are based on a system that divides the geographical surface of the Earth into tiny "tiled areas".

In another step aimed at facilitating accurate and easy searching on Maps, Google is also introducing "Add an Address" feature.

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The new Google Maps Plus Codes are likely to end the annoying calls from the delivery guy, who despite having the address, needs to be given the detailed route-direction to your home.

Let's take a look at Google Plus Codes. The other reality is that millions of people and places in India are hard to locate - especially those in remote areas. The code comprises of a 6-character code + City format that can be generated, shared and searched by anyone. "We are deeply committed to helping find solutions to these challenges", Ruhela added. The Plus Codes, in a way is not that unique because it seemingly uses the longitude and latitude information, but it is incredibly simple to generate and use, which could make it a very useful feature. This is open source and any application that uses location services API can easily integrate it.

Google launched Navigation in Hindi three years ago, and now they are bringing the voice-guided navigation in more local languages.

Google says Plus codes are supposed to simplify address search in India where often the address system is more complicated and longer than say countries in the West. India banned the Street View cars almost two years ago owing to security concerns and Google Maps in the country is mostly crowd-sourced.

The Alphabet Inc-owned search giant also unveiled "add an address" feature that would enable users to submit a missing address and the company would make sure the address is searchable in due course after verification. The innovative approach provides the best estimate of the location of an address, when people aren't aware of an exact address.

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