Idaho ranked as number one state most dependent on the gun industry

Nellie Chapman
March 20, 2018

In comparing states reliance on the firearm industry, the metric that takes into account the amount of each state's firearm jobs; wages and benefits; dealers; importers; manufacturers; and strictness of gun laws, Kentucky was a modest 20th.

Illinois, California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Hawaii, New York, Delaware, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Maryland are the states that are less dependent on the gun industry than MI, according to the study.

The rankings are based on three key factors: Federal money as a share of state revenue.

DE (with a 14.97 dependency rank) earned the top spot as the state least dependent on the federal government, followed by Kansas (18.57), IL (22.53), New Jersey (23.35) and MA (24.34). And the state's return on federal taxes paid (calculated by dividing federal funding by IRS collections).

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Hunting may be a popular activity in MI, but when it comes to states that are most dependent on the gun industry, it isn't one of them. DE is the least. Washington came in much lower on the list at number 39.

The report found that red states, which had an average dependency rank of 20.17, were more reliant on the government than blue states, which had a 33.55 average dependency rank.

The findings are counterintuitive because Republicans generally favor a smaller federal government.

New Mexico (83.22) ranked as the state most dependent on the federal government, followed by Kentucky (78.96), MS (75.84), Alabama (71.86) and West Virginia (67.83). In 2016, the most recent year numbers were available, the state had 153 licensed manufacturers.

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