Nimbus Data launches world's largest SSD with 100 terabyte capacity

Alonzo Simpson
March 20, 2018

Luckily for us Nimbus Data is satisfying our lust for all things SSD with a positively massive new offering: the company's new ExaDrive DC100 offers a mind-blowing 100TB of storage space. Using 3D NAND, the DC100 provides enough flash capacity to store 20 million songs, 20,000 HD movies, or 2,000 iPhones worth of data in a device small enough to fit in your back pocket. While the random read speeds are only slightly better than regular enterprise-grade SATA SSDs, the random write speeds is very impressive.

The new drive, named the ExaDrive DC100, is unlikely to ever make it to the consumer market. Featuring more than 3x the capacity of the closest competitor, the ExaDrive DC100 also draws 85% less power per terabyte (TB).

Nimbus Data is confident the drive can help accelerate flash memory adoption in both cloud infrastructure and edge computing, it said. That's an important factor for enterprise storage devices because one can't afford to lose such enormous amount of data. A data center can technically hold 100 petabytes of data in a single rack, so there won't be a need for huge space in server rooms.

Last month Samsung revealed its latest record-breaking large capacity solid state drive, cramming 30 TB into a 2.5-inch drive format unit. "Devices of this class will allow flash to cost-effectively penetrate a broader set of use cases outside of tier 0 and tier 1 applications".

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The ExaDrive DC100 (which will also be offered in a 50TB flavor) has a five year warranty and is guaranteed for "unlimited endurance" during that period.

Pricing is not yet available, but the ExaDrive DC100 is scheduled to be widely available for customers by Summer 2018.

Nimbus says DC100 consumes around 85% less power per TB than similar SSDs and delivers a 42% reduction in per TB ownership cost.

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