Windows Server 19 embraces hybrid cloud, hyperconverged data centers, Linux

Alonzo Simpson
March 21, 2018

Although long available on tablet PCs, Windows 10 has generally been ignored in favor of iOS and Android tablets for many reasons.

The company said on Tuesday, March 20, that it will be launching the next version with better support for hybrid workloads, hyper-converged infrastructure, and Linux workloads.

Microsoft has set hybrid cloud as the key focus in the next version of its Windows Server operating system.

The product has the same licensing model as Windows Server 2016 but Microsoft notes that the company might (likely) increase the "pricing for Windows Client Access Licensing (CAL)".

Since it debuted as the default within Windows 10 almost three years ago, Edge's user share of the browsers run under the OS has been in steady decline.

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Windows Server 2016 supports HCI and customers may use the Windows Server Software Defined program to find appropriate solutions. At last, they should also know that Windows Server 2019 will come alongside a Semi-Annual Channel release with a support lifecycle of 18 months and will feature the Server with Desktop Experience and Server Core installation options.

Windows Mixed Reality has been causing a lot of problems in the last few builds, but Microsoft is nearly done addressing all the bugs. The new server will look to reduce the size of a Server Core base container image to less than 2GB (it's now around 5GB) and will offer improved support for software-defined datacenter tools.

Microsoft will try a new way to push Windows 10 users into running Edge, forcing links opened from the Windows Mail app and its messages to display in the browser. VMConnect has been extended to improve troubleshooting of Shielded VMs for Windows Server and Linux. Significant improvements in Kubernetes are integrated into Server 2019 including improvements to compute, storage, and networking components. In Windows Server 2019 we are building on this platform by adding scale, performance, and reliability.

With Windows Server 2019, it will be easy to integrate Microsoft cloud services like Azure File Sync, Azure Backup, and disaster recovery. We are also adding the ability to manage HCI deployments in Project Honolulu, to simplify the management and day-to-day activities on HCI environments. Microsoft is also adding Encrypted Networks allowing admins to encrypt network segments.

In general, Microsoft wants testers to validate in-place upgrades from Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016. For Detect and Respond, Server 2019 embeds Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection to provide preventative protection, detect attacks and zero-day exploits.

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