AMD officially announces Ryzen 2000 processors

Eloise Marshall
April 17, 2018

As reported by Engadget, the second generation AMD Ryzen CPUs will provide a slight improvement over its predecessors, which will in turn give a better value for those who are just starting out and those who want to upgrade their systems.

AMD Ryzen 2nd generation is due to release imminently, but it appears the chip is already breaking overclocking records. AMD's new Ryzen CPUs are now available for pre-order, will launch on April 19th, and even though the first reviews will go live on April 17th, it appears that the first third-party gaming benchmarks have surfaced.

Out of the box, the upcoming second-generation Ryzen 7 has been clocked at 4.3GHz, with that top speed only being delivered on one of the processor's cores. The 2700X comes with 20 MB "Smart Prefetch Cache" (of which L2 cache is 4 MB and the L3 cache is 16 MB) and has a 105W TDP (Thermal Design Power).

The Ryzen 7 2700X boasts a slightly increased base clock and boost clock speed. Getting close to 6 GHz requires some pretty hardcore cooling solutions, of course. The 2700 model will come with single-color Spire LED cooler, while the 2600X and 2600 will come with regular "Wraith" coolers. All new CPUs will run on the AMD X470 chipset, with support for StoreMI technology.

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For $229, the Ryzen 5 2600x offers six cores with 12 threads, at a brisk 4.2 GHz max boost clock speed.

Although we've seen hints, leaks and teases of AMD's next-generation refresh of its Ryzen CPUs, AMD has now officially announced them, detailing the 2600, 2600X, the 2700 and the 2700X. It's still a six-core processor with 12 threads, and capable of a max boost speed of 3.9 GHz. The older 300-series motherboards are also compatible with the new processors.

All of the new chips will be available this April and you can pre-order them from your favorite retailer now.

The Ryzen 5 2600 is the most affordable chip announced this week, at $199.

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