Echo Spot soon available in New Zealand

Alonzo Simpson
April 20, 2018

The idea would be to monetise the Google Assistant; giving the company yet another revenue stream.

Google I/O starts May 8th, 2018 and continues until May 10th.

This could further Amazon's retail share gains (as Amazon-powered voice shopping from your couch on your television would become easier) and would potentially improve Amazon's customer acquisition economics and competitive moats against Google search (as they would not have to pay Google for this traffic or shopping).

Google first will showcase this new Step by Step how to videos in their annual developer conference in May month and after several months, the feature will be up for the public through Smart Assistant.

Most interestingly, however, is the inclusion of a camera above the screen, making it possible to do video calls from the Echo Spot unit itself.

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This new concept would be the rival for the YouTubers who are actively using the platform to let people know about something.

The "how to" skill would provide videos with step-by-step instructions when a user asks how to do something. So all the smartphone users too will be able to make use of this new feature within the Assistant. It will also be available from the 26th from JB Hi-Fi, Myer and Officeworks. This promises to allow travellers to conveniently search for the cheapest airfares between any source and destination city using their voice on their Amazon Echo devices.

Of course, this ad stuff is all just speculation on CNBC's end but how else will Google make money with Google Assistant? Users would access the how-to video functionality via Google Assistant. There has been talks on Google working on their own Smart speaker with a screen.

In fact, for its latest product coming to Australia, it's turning to a design inspiration set in the good ol' days, long before speakers were smart and were made to sit beside the bed.

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