Lawbreakers devs are making an 80s-themed battle royale

Eloise Marshall
April 10, 2018

Only a couple of days after Lawbreakers studio Boss Key announced the death of their game so that they can move on to other projects, they come back to reveal their next one.

As you play, you collect cash that can procure cosmetic items or upgrade your available arsenal. The official trailer for the game shows off the ability to withdraw and deposit in-game cash during the middle of matches, riding around and performing stunts on colorful BMX bikes, shootouts in arcades, and "game show moments".

The game will attempt to carve its own slice of the battle royale pie by introducing a unique money system that allows players to carry over funds earned in-game, allowing them to access better weapons at a quicker rate during matches. Boss Key assures there are no pay-to-win mechanics.

"Radical Heights is a five month passion project for the studio as we're creating and publishing the game entirely by ourselves", said Zach Lowery, Creative Director of Radical Heights.

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In a satirical-sounding sound bite, the game is described as being in "X-treme Early Access". However, let's leave this behind since it will take years to make a rough conclusion.

Mystery Door - random mystery doors appear in the game world.

Players can use the cash to buy 80s-themed cosmetics, weapons, and gadgets (like confetti bombs, inflatable decoys, and remote bombs). Then, just last week, Boss Key told the twenty people or so who play LawBreakers that they were no longer developing the game even though the servers would remain online. We love open development and we can not wait to establish this rapport with fans. The core gameplay will be there for players to take for a spin, but everything about it is in the very early stages of development. Though Epic hasn't announced any plans to release a second map, you can bet that if it does, PUBG will be a motivating factor behind the move. Even before this acknowledgment from Boss Key Productions, it was quite clear that the gravity-defying shooter from Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has failed to attract audiences.

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