PUBG to get map selection option via upcoming update

Alonzo Simpson
April 19, 2018

The plan is for players to be able to tick boxes on maps they are happy to play, and untick the ones they don't want to play. However, ever since the release of Miramar, PUBG devs had been silent over the matter while players were becoming increasingly frustrated by not getting to play on their favorite maps more often. Today we want to tell you all about it, including the process we went through while developing the feature.

Maps will be picked at random for players who select more than one map. In December, the developer announced maps would "not be selectable right after PC 1.0 release", however now suggests work on the feature is "almost complete". Because fans had become so attached to Erangel during PUBG's early access period, the community at large was slow to welcome a new arena to the roster.

Despite that confidence, PUBG Corp. was quick to say it will continue to monitor the situation once the feature appears on Test Servers and the live environment.

Thankfully, PUBG map selection is finally being added alongside an explanation as to why it took so long.

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The developer also said that in order to make map selection work for players from different regions with a variety of preferences and playstyles, they gathered feedback from around the world and analyzed "tens of millions of matches". At the current time, though, that shouldn't be a problem.

As with every feature in PUBG, we'll continue to make improvements to the map selection feature over time.

PUBG Corp is now working on two new maps for "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds", one located in Russian Federation and another in Southeast Asia. Considering this, the team will be monitoring the map selection feature closely. Will the added control pull players away from competing battle royale games?

A full list of all of the additions and changes to PUBG can be viewed in their latest patch notes.

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