RGV Is Wrong, I Support PK - Varma's Great Disciple

Lula Sharp
April 20, 2018

"These remarks are an attempt to sully the image of Pawan Kalyan".

Reddy, who accused numerous bigshots of Tollywood for sexually exploiting women in the south, lashed out at her "anna" Kalyan for apparently not making a statement regarding the entire controversy.

On April 18, a video was released by Ram Gopal Varma where he openly admitted that it was, in fact, he who had asked Sri Reddy to abuse Pawan Kalyan and he tende.

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Meanwhile, actor Sri Reddy also tweeted apologising to Pawan Kalyan's mother.

"Pawan Kalyan continued, "‏I forgot to tell you Sri.Lokesh calls this senior anchor known as Mr. Samba Siva rao (TV-5).affectionately as Uncle. "Good!I will give the Mother of all Shows", Pawan is surely giving media houses something to cover as thousands have joined him in his protest along with big names like Allu Arjun and Ram Charan at TFCC (Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce) where he reached with his advocates to hold a meeting with the MAA (Movie Artistes Association). "Before a politician or an actor, I am a son first and as a son, if I could not safegaurd the honour of mother, its better to die than to live" posted Pawan Kalyan. "What is your priority Respected Sir, as you control the Media?" he asked the CM. "More than that, you all are in a position which can influence the society, you all collaborated (against) a woman who comes from a middle-class family, who doesn't know the world except for her sons and husband", Pawan tweeted. It's left to see how will Sri Reddy, Ram Gopal Varma take on this, now that the man himself has gone on Twitter to slam them, one at a time.

Both Sri Reddy and RGV have apologised to Pawan Kalyan and his fans but looks like the Powerstar has not accepted their apology. In response, Sri Reddy made an abusive comment and a gesture. If somebody has to apologise, it is me.

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