HTC U12 Plus Launch Today

Alonzo Simpson
May 26, 2018

However, despite concrete information for its specifications, prior to today, we have not witnessed a benchmark leak for the device. The "Press Me" feature was later adopted in the Google Pixel 2, although Google renamed the feature "Active Edge".

The HTC U12+ is a high-end phone, and therefore its' not surprising that it comes with high-end specs although some of HTC's choices may not sit well with those looking for more out of their device, which many would do considering the price tag. For now, the phone will first go on sale in HTC's homeland, Taiwan. The HTC U12+ will be offered in three colors: glossy black, opaque black and violet. The almost $1,000 smartphone does come with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal memory, so HTC may launch cheaper versions with less memory inside. Oh, and you're also getting AR stickers. HTC is seemingly platform agnostic in this regard. At first glance it seems HTC adopted the look of the HTC U11+. While the former will cost you $799 (roughly Rs 54,575), the latter will be available for $849 (roughly Rs 57,990). Although the front and back are again made of Gorilla Glass, the protective glass is used in a slightly different way, so that the rounded edges have a smaller radius. Instead, the design can be considered quite conventional, with its slim bezels along the sides while the same along the top and bottom is reduced to just the bare minimum.

Unlike the recently launched flagships, the HTC U12 Plus is not following the notch trend. The outer frame, in the case of the U12+, can respond to stimuli like before only this time HTC is adding more functionality to it to make more sense for users. It's the HTC U12+, as this codename has also surfaced in some earlier camera samples of the HTC U12+ that appeared on Google+. At the rear, a 12MP and 16MP sensor work in tandem to provide optical zoom witchcraft. In combination with the main sensor, it can create blur effects in portrait mode.

HTC U12 Plus Launch Today
HTC U12 Plus Launch Today

One interesting quirk of the HTC U12+ is that it doesn't feature any physical buttons. The dual camera system will also be capable of taking bokeh shots and shooting 4K videos (at 60fps) although HTC isn't joining the Super slow-mo bandwagon just yet. Of course, you can still use Edge Sense 2 to launch specific apps with a quick squeeze, too.

The Taiwanese company's proprietary Edge Sense feature is capable of recognizing which hand you're using in its 2.0 incarnation, vastly improving the convenience and versatility of an otherwise large and somewhat cumbersome 6-incher. For example, users can now open the "Edge Launcher" with a gentle double-click. The price is low compared to the direct competition, but it's questionable whether this is all enough to reach the masses.

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