NC Teachers Prepare to March on Raleigh

Darnell Taylor
May 16, 2018

The legislature's chief chore for the next several weeks is to adjust the state government budget. But in 19 states including New Jersey and NY, in exchange for collective bargaining agreements, they also accepted severe penalties for striking - like losing two days of pay for every day they were out, or even having their union dissolved.

At least 20 North Carolina school districts will be closed Wednesday to give teachers in those districts the chance to participate in the March for Students and Rally for Respect in Raleigh.

There is one way Wednesday's march can be truly successful: If the public takes notice and stays engaged, thanks to teachers continuing to put the spotlight on how the state is saving a buck on the backs of school children from now until the election on November 6.

The national average teacher pay this year is $60,483, according to National Education Association.

"The board, along with administration, made this decision with student safety and instruction in mind", Wooten said in a statement late Monday afternoon. Teachers will advocate for better pay and working conditions. We call this life. "I think we're just looking for more help". Democratic Governor Roy Cooper has proposed to allocate less than $100 million to increase teachers' salaries this year, promising only that their pay might reach parity with the national average over the next four years.

"Before then, less than 5 percent of teachers belonged to a union", she explains.

Teacher 'Suspended For Relationship With Teen' Shot Dead Outside Mum's House
Their wedding was canceled a few months after she was found in the auto with the student, but before her name was made public. Though known in local media outlets for her dispute with her wedding dress designer, Rachael DelTondo was once a teacher.

Dennis: So I just wanted to know about teacher assistants, that's something that I've never experienced.

Among the school districts across North Carolina that will close Wednesday are the Hickory Public Schools, Alexander County Schools, Buncombe County Schools and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

Lee Irvin of Cary said he's sympathetic to the teachers' demands, if not their method, which is forcing the software engineer and his wife to work from home on Wednesday.

"I support their cause". But not during school hours. Educators in Kentucky and Colorado have also taken action, staging walkouts and sick-outs in hopes of pressuring lawmakers to stop a decade of cuts in education funding the teachers say have hurt students. He says he would have been teaching sooner but people discouraged him from the profession. Parents like him also are given lists of classroom supplies they're expected to buy, which Irvin considers a hidden tax. To the North Carolina General Assembly, we will act to hold you accountable to the original intention of public charter schools. "If Arizona can do it, so can North Carolina". "And the folks that are fighting really deeply believe that public education is a cornerstone of our democracy, and we're in danger of losing it. We're grossly underfunding our schools", he said. The NCEA, which is sponsoring the rally, is asking for a significant increase in per-pupil spending; a professional career plan, including reinstatement of pay incentives for earning advanced degrees; the addition of nurses, psychologists, social workers and other support personnel; and the expansion of Medicaid.

Michael Hansen, a political economist at the Brookings Institution, also gets points for prescience.

"Teachers uniting, inspiring others to come out and take charge of their schools and their communities and leading the way is your worst nightmare if you are not a friend of public education", Lyde said.

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