Google's augmented reality-based Measure app comes to Android phones

Alonzo Simpson
June 23, 2018

Google Measure in action.

You can pick from "Length" and "Height" tools, which are a bit clunky. Tape measure in your pocket at any time and anywhere? That platform had several dozens apps and Google is now making its first-party Measure app compatible with ARCore. The app is created to let users use augmented reality (AR) technology to measure objects in the real world.

In addition to the ARCore support, the app also received a fresh UI design and improvements to its visuals and controls to help you measure with more accuracy whatever you point your phone's camera at.

Sometimes you quickly want to measure something but you don't have a tapemeasure handy. Shorter measurements are usually within half an inch, while longer measurements can be off by several inches.

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So, how do you use the app?

Version 2.0 of Measure brings the ability to capture "quick, everyday measurements" to many more phones, including dozens of top flagship devices from the Pixel 2 to Samsung's Galaxy S9. Measuring something like a telephone pole would be downright impossible with a tape measure, but Google Measure can get you the height within a few inches.

It works best if you use it on textured, well-lit surfaces, the company says, and you need to move your phone around the area before you start measuring stuff.

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