North Korea's Kim Jong-un makes state visit to China

Nellie Chapman
June 19, 2018

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un visits The Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore, June 11, 2018.

The report suggests that during the meeting with Xi and Chinese officials, Kim will discuss the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, and potential negotiating strategies he might adopt in meeting with the U.S. moving forward. "But based on the loaning of Chinese plane, and the information appears that North Korea has coordinated with positions with China", Sen said. Kim's previous travels to China were not announced or publicized until after he had left, and the visit had concluded. Kim's presence in Beijing and the schedule of his visit, including any meetings with Xi, have not been confirmed.

Kim will be in Beijing through Wednesday, state media previously reported. The two men were accompanied by their wives.

Geng said Beijing supported Russia's calls last week for unilateral sanctions on North Korea - ones that aren't imposed within the United Nations framework - to be canceled immediately. Beijing has been particularly pleased by Trump's announcement to suspend military drills, which China has long pushed for under its "dual suspension" proposal, whereby North Korea stops weapons tests and the United States and South Korea stop military drills, so both sides can sit down for talks.

President Trump's recent indications that he hopes US troops on the Korean Peninsula will return home "eventually", is also likely good news for China. North Korea has said it will suspend nuclear and missile tests for seven months.

Citing diplomatic sources, Japanese news agency Kyodo said a "high-ranking North Korean official, possibly Kim" was due to visit Beijing by air. "We hope Chairman Kim Jong-un's visit will contribute to that".

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rushed to the Chinese capital to brief Xi and other top leaders soon after the Trump-Kim meeting. Picture taken through a window.

Anticipation over what comes next is swirling amid concern from regional experts, who've argued North Korea (DPRK) and its allies China and Russian Federation came away the big winners of the summit. -South Korea military exercises.

Trump "Space Force" wants American "dominance" in space
The Pentagon and NASA track more than 500,000 pieces of space junk circling the Earth, including about 1,730 operating satellites. He also previously ordered the Commerce and Transportation departments to cut red tape hampering commercial space activities.

And Xi suggested that Kim should call for the suspension of military exercises between the United States and South Korea in return.

Last year, 17,500 USA and more than 50,000 South Korean troops took part in Ulchi Freedom Guardian, an exercise mostly focused on computerised simulations rather than live field exercises that use weapons, tanks or aircraft.

On Tuesday, the USA and South Korean militaries confirmed they have called off scheduled joint exercises following Trump's order.

The reclusive state spends almost a quarter of its GDP on its military, according to the U.S. State Department.

The decision to halt military exercises in South Korea has bewildered many current and former USA defence officials, who only learned about it when Trump announced it in Singapore, after the summit with Kim.

North Korea proposed the disarming, on a trial basis, the Joint Security Area in Panmunjom, the only site in the DMZ where both countries' soldiers stand nearly face to face, the South's presidential spokesman said on Friday.

A snapback clause is likely to be included in the historic announcement that the allied forces would resume the massive military exercise if North Korea failed to fulfil its commitment to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. "This in my view is certainly a welcome and positive change". Yonhap said, however, that some joint training would continue.

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