Steam Summer Sale 2018 dates leaked - and the deals start TODAY

Alonzo Simpson
June 24, 2018

When Valve holds a Steam sale, the discounts can be absolutely huge.

It would seem that the sale leaks have history on their side as PC Gamer says that the sale leaks are not predictable, but more importantly nearly never wrong.

Prepare your wallet - the 2018 Steam Summer Sale has officially begun.

There's usually some kind of theme to the Summer Sale, and this time around, that theme is space.

The news dropped on Twitter last night from the Steam Database account that the Summer Sale will be going live today on the 21st of June. So big that you're so tempted to buy them and think you will play them later down the line and you really don't. Personally, we have spent a whopping $8,722 on Steam and this has left us pleasantly (?) surprised.

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And now that the next Steam sale is looming, it's likely many will be looking forward to add plenty of new games to their library at discounted prices.

Playing the Summer Saliens game will also help unlock free games available for all users.

Hardware-wise, you can snag a Steam link for just €2.75 from Valve which is quite the bargain considering the device's regular price of €54.99.

If the game you want isn't on sale right away, don't give up hope! They may sell more copies of a game during the sale, but at a 50% or more discount it needs to be a lot more!

We'll be bringing you a list of more obscure Steam Sale deals later this week as always, but for now?

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