Autonomous 1965 Ford Mustang Nearly Crashes Several Times at Goodwood

Alonzo Simpson
July 16, 2018

The legendary Borg-Warner Trophy sits in front of a row of original bricks from Indianapolis Motor Speedway at this week's Goodwood Festival of Speed in England.

The auto has successfully completed a fully autonomous run at the Festival of Speed Hillclimb in front of 55,000 people at the Goodwood estate in England. I shouldn't say that, because Siemens actually did end up pointing their self-driving Mustang up the hill. While the auto drives itself, it carries four people up the hill - an emergency driver and three passengers.

Though a run during the Timed Shootout is unlikely, Siemens has confirmed it'll be sending the autonomous Ford Mustang up the hill over all four days of the Festival of Speed. The team used advanced scanning technology to gain a detailed 3D model of the track, allowing the auto to "know" exactly where it is.

Unlike using a newer vehicle, the team that built this autonomous Mustang posed more of a challenge. As such, I have to wonder why they would ever think presenting this vehicle on this stage at this point in its development was a good idea.

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The Trophy, awarded to the annual victor of the Indianapolis 500, is spending this week in England at the 25th annual Goodwood Festival of Speed. But this is not the same as a road auto that steers autonomously based on detecting road markings and other vehicles. That said, a bespoke autonomous vehicle would have proven to be an easier feat.

"The Siemens Autonomous Hillclimb challenge project connects the classic spirit of automotive adventure with advanced technology", he added.

"Roborace plays an important role in the future of mobility, challenging public perceptions and providing a platform to advance new technologies", explained Charles Gordon-Lennon, founder of the Festival of Speed.

Roborace events will take place prior to regular Formula E races, and will use the same circuits.

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