Fortnite v5.0 Patch Notes Released with New SMG Weapon and More

Alonzo Simpson
July 18, 2018

With unheard of numbers, weekly updates, and a constant attention to detail - it shouldn't be surprising that Fortnite continues to thrive despite naysayers it's a fleeting phase. Sand started to seep through the crack in the sky.

The Secret Star will grant you 10 stars for your Season 5 Battle Pass, essentially bumping you up a full tier.

Save the World mode also gets a new gun, in the form of the typewriter assault rifle. So if you're wondering just how you're going to reach Tier 100 before the end of Season 5, the Secret Stars each week will definitely help. A variety of items have appeared on the island including golf carts, Vikings, and ancient statues. "This money comes entirely from in-game purchases". They also added, "Unlike other battle royale games, Fornite is both free-to-play and initially launched on all available platforms". The challengers will now be split into Free and Battle Pass so that those without a Pass can also take part and earn some rewards. With Season 5 of Fortnite bringing a wide array of changes to the game, the community has been very anxious to see what would be the next major pieces of new content that Epic Games has in store.

Fortnite Season 5 brings game's link to sports world closer than ever
Vehicle Decorations Coming to Fortnite based on Leak

If you spend even moderate time following the sports world you'll know that the fabric that now binds it together is the spirit of competition in the game of Fortnite. This vehicle emphasizes teamwork. With the whole squad grouped up in the kart, this leads to new possibilities as passengers can build while another player drives. As for mobile, an autofire function has been added causing player's weapons to fire automatically when the reticle is over an enemy.

Players dropping into the updated 5.0 version of the game will not notice an all-new gun: the submachine gun, which stands in as a replacement for the old tactical SMG, which has now been retired.

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