Mobile adds $5 LTE worldwide data pass as free roaming spreads

Alonzo Simpson
July 20, 2018

T-Mobile customers already had unlimited data and texting in over 140 countries and destinations thanks to Simple Global, and now that coverage expands to over 210 countries and destinations. The offer gives T-Mobile customers unlimited SMS and low-speed data when roaming and calls at 25 cents a minute.

As it stands now, T-Mobile has the best pricing for these data passes and the most countries covered. Through a program T-Mobile calls Simple Global, Un-carrier users get unlimited 2G data and texting the moment they step into a select number of foreign countries.

Ookla, the maker of the popular Speedtest app and website, declared T-Mobile the fastest wireless carrier in an evaluation of more than 12 million speed tests around the United States. The newly announced International Data Pass costs only $5/day. T-Mobile says it will permit a maximum of two passes being purchased every 24 hours.

T-Mobile changed worldwide travel with Simple Global by permanently ending the necessity of turning off your phone when crossing borders, or facing bill shock if you don't, in over 140 countries and destinations.

T-Mobile adds $5 LTE international data pass as free roaming spreads
T-Mobile makes its international roaming passes cheaper, now covers 210 countries and destinations - news

As we've said before when looking at crowd-sourced testing, you have to remember the limitations of the methodology. Instead of being stuck on a 2G network for the entirety of their trip, consumers can choose to pay $5 per day to enjoy up to 512MB of LTE data. Simple Global is included with T-Mobile ONE, meaning you can post and text photos, look up maps online and stay connected to loved ones when traveling overseas - worry free.

T-Mobile's performance in Ookla's testing benefited from the carrier's effort to build out its LTE network using the 600Mz spectrum.

OpenSignal said the latest US report comprised some 8.1 million measurements on more than 385,000 test devices between mid-March and mid-June. If you do travel out of the country often, you might want to consider T-Mobile's Simple Global plan, which as previously noted, comes with a T-Mobile ONE subscription. Simple Global: Additional charges apply in excluded destinations; see for included destinations (subject to change).

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