Trump Lies About "Fake News" CNN Yet Again

Nellie Chapman
July 16, 2018

Tapper was referring to Trump's dismissal of CNN correspondent Jim Acosta at a Friday joint press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May.

A almost identical exchange took place in January 2017, when then president-elect Trump refused Acosta's question, saying: "Not you - not you - you're fake news".

"No, no. John Roberts, go ahead", Mr. Trump responded.

"The president attacked CNN during his United Kingdom presser, and our WH correspondent tried to ask a question", Tapper wrote.

Tapper said Bolton was "fully prepared to do the interview" but that the White House ditched the appearance after President Donald Trump attacked a CNN reporter during a United Kingdom press conference. I don't take questions- I don't take questions from CNN. "And we hear President Trump, doesn't he kind of contribute to that authoritarian effort to undermine a free press when we hear him brand legitimate news organizations as fake, legitimate news stories as fake?" He instead answered John Roberts from Fox News. "Let's go to a real network", Trump said, shutting down Acosta.

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Roberts, a veteran of CBS News and CNN, took some withering criticism online for not standing up for Acosta in the moment or, perhaps, ceding the microphone to his colleague. I don't take questions from CNN. "To issue a blanket condemnation of the network as "fake news" is. unfair".

She wrote that "a CNN reporter disrespected" Trump and "instead of rewarding bad behavior, we made a decision to reprioritize the TV appearances for administration officials". Trump responded to Acosta despite his earlier statements and said, "yes".

Later in the press conference, Trump slammed reporter Kristen Welker after a question about Russian Federation.

"They have fine journalists there who risk their lives to cover the news around the world, and to say that they're not a real network or "fake news" is also unfair", Roberts said. "She is as honest as the day is long", he said. "I don't talk to them".

British reporters also caught heat from the USA leader, with Trump chastising The Sun for cutting out all the praise he had heaped on May from a sensationalist interview published Thursday.

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