Fortnite Update V5.21 Brings Heavy Sniper Rifle and Nerf to Minigun

Alonzo Simpson
August 16, 2018

Only weapon drops are Sniper Rifles. This mode is a twist on the traditional 50 vs 50 mode, featuring an extra emphasis on mobility.

The new Heavy Sniper Rifle has been added to this mode - and the Scoped Assault Rifles have been removed - while, as you might expect, the only weapons you'll be able to loot are the available Sniper Rifles. Typically, Fortnite usually only lets players use their gliders when they first jump out of the Battle Bus, use a launch pad, or when they go through a rift, so Soaring 50's will let players use gliders a lot more freely than they ever have before.

The Heavy Sniper Rifle will be available in Epic and Legendary variants and can be found from standard floor loot, chests, supply drops, and vending machines. Gliders can be re-deployed when falling from large heights.

Profile Stats (K/D & Wins) are not tracked in this mode. This suggests it's trying to widen the gap between play styles, forcing players to choose between long-range weapons with slow firing rates, and short-range weapons with faster firing rates. While it is incredibly hard to find in the game world, it's capable of taking down any material in one shot and deals 150 damage to players. There have also been changes made to the Sniper Shootout, giving Battle Royale lovers the chance to show off those sweet aim skills and boast that heavy power.

Minigun headshot multiplier has been reduced from 2.5 to 1.5.

Week 6 Secret Tier Battle Star
Fortnite 5.21 Patch Notes Detail What’s New As Updated Version Rolls Out Across Various Platforms

Features bulletproof enemies that must be defeated with melee weapons, traps, or Hero abilities.

So what's new? A shwanky new gun, which was added just this morning.

Bug Fix. Fixed an issue that could cause Rocket Launchers to take up a large portion of the screen.

Fortnite is out now in early access for iOS, Android, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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