Google Images Gets Lens Integration, ‘Featured Videos’ in Search Cards, and More

Alonzo Simpson
September 25, 2018

These Stories look like the stories you see on Instagram and Snapchat, but they give you more information about a topic.

Google is among the tech companies being called upon to better guard against the spread of misinformation - and has also been a target of US President Donald Trump, who added his voice to a chorus of Republicans who contend conservative viewpoints are downplayed in search results.

Going forward it will be known as 'Discover, ' which Google says is a more accurate reflection of what it's created to do.

Evergreen content will show up more often.

Edwards also said that Google would debut its own version of Stories-the collage of text, short videos, and photos that photo-sharing service Snap popularized and many companies like Facebook have imitated. Or do you know all of your scales and advanced techniques and just need to brush up on two-hand tapping.

Google also overhauled the ranking algorithm on Image results to take into consideration not just the quality and relevance of the picture itself, but also of the content on the page where the photo lives.

Activity cards: When you revisit a search query from the past, Google will display all your previous steps in a handy card.

Users will find topics joined by information from news sources (and the like). That sounds exactly what everyone wants out of a search engine.

Avenatti Claims To Represent A Third Woman With 'Credible' Info On Kavanaugh
The New Yorker quotes an ex-girlfiend of Judge's who said he told her a story that mirrors the allegations Avenatti is making. He followed that Sunday morning with a tweet that said, "What happens at Georgetown Prep does not stay at Georgetown Prep".

The search giant is also debuting a new "Discover" tool that will show up on the main Google homepage on mobile browsers, said Shashidhar Thakur, Google's vice president of engineering for search. If you start a search query that is related something you have searched previously, a card will pop up with relevant pages you've already been to, as well as previous queries in relation to the topic.

Google will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its search engine launching on Thursday.

Topic headers: The header section will explain why a user is seeing a particular card, which may incentivize further exploration. Collections allows you to keep track of content you've seen so that you can quickly and easily return to it at another time.

On Google Image results, a new Lens button will appear at the bottom of each picture.

"But, you have our commitment that we will make it better every day".

Google's Discover is a major update to the feed that'll make it feel more modern with more videos and visual content while also giving you way more control over what you see.

Google is expanding the reach of its Reserve with Google feature, making it possible to book more kinds of experiences through the company's services.

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