New Doctor Who trailer shows Jodie Whittaker fully in charge

Lula Sharp
September 20, 2018

"I'm the Doctor", she says in the new trailer, who shows her waving a new version of her character's iconic sonic screwdriver. The footage promises plenty of action, explosions and exploration, all hallmarks of the franchise. And of course, a whole lot of running.

The BBC released a brand new trailer (via Vital Thrills) for the upcoming eleventh season of the science fiction series Doctor Who featuring Jodie Whittaker as the thirteenth doctor along with the show's other characters. And boy, it is glorious.

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The new trailer for the upcoming season, which premieres October 7, reveals the Doctor has acquired a trio of new companions - Graham, Ryan and Yasmin, as played by Bradley Wash, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gillm respectively - during her travels through the galaxy. "And I do what I can".

All evidence points at Chris Chibnall's era as showrunner being a vibrant and optimistic take on the show, with clean, bright visuals and a propulsive new lead. There's always a seismic tonal shift whenever a new Doctor boards the TARDIS, but season 11 feels like a new show altogether, one that sheds the gloom and doom of previous seasons (though Capaldi's swan song felt like the beginning of that pivotal turning point). Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

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