NewsAlert: Ontario MP Leona Alleslev ditches Liberals, crosses floor to Tories

Darnell Taylor
September 21, 2018

An Ontario Liberal MP is crossing the floor of the House of Commons to join the Opposition Conservatives, saying Canada needs strong leadership on the economy and global issues. "We find ourselves in a time of unprecedented global instability".

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, who joined Alleslev on Your Morning, was asked if he had talked to any other MPs who may be considering crossing the floor.

"A year from now the voters get the decision of whether they want her to still represent the riding", he said.

Trudeau said little about Alleslev's move.

Haluza said Alleslev's decision is one he and countless Liberal volunteers are struggling to understand, especially after they gathered more than 100 signatures in the spring to ensure she could fly the Liberal flag in 2019. "But for me to publicly criticize the government as a Liberal would undermine the government and, according to my code of conduct, be dishonourable".

"Here at home, we see large amounts of capital investment leaving Canada while tax structures, federal infrastructure problems and politics prevent us from getting goods to market, deter companies from expanding, and undermine competitiveness", she said, adding that "Canada faces a flawless storm of serious challenges at home and overseas".

The opposition parties took shots early and often at how the Liberals have managed the economy and the ongoing negotiations of a renewed North American Free Trade Agreement - the outcome of which will affect countless jobs on both sides of the border.

A Canada-wide ban on trans fats is now in effect
It is now illegal for manufacturers to add those oils to foods sold in Canada . The ban was introduced a year ago to give the industry time to adapt.

"Leona made it clear that the direction that this government is headed under this current prime minister, under Justin Trudeau, is not the necessary leadership that we need as Canadians to deal with the very serious issues that are facing this country", Mr. Scheer said.

"Of course leaving a party to go to another party, you're leaving a team to go to another team", she said in an interview. He suggested neither will be an easy task in negotiations with the mercurial Trump.

Alleslev rose in her chair to announce her political change of heart while her colleagues discussed the bill.

She had also served in the Department of National Defence, as well as Bombardier and IBM.

Alleslev was not the only MP to change seats Monday.

Likewise, former NDP MP Erin Weir, recently ousted from his caucus, was sitting behind the Conservative benches.

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