North Korea summit: Kim pledges nuclear cuts if Americans follow suit

Nellie Chapman
September 20, 2018

Representatives for the White House and the U.S. State Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In a joint statement after the summit with Mr Moon, Mr Kim pledged to permanently abolish North Korea's key missile facilities in the presence of foreign experts.

Kim agreed to allow outside experts to observe the dismantling of its Sohae launch site, where it has tested missile engines and blasted rockets into space. He said, "The era of no war has started".

"It was inevitable we were going to war in North Korea, and now, . the relationships, I have to tell you, at least on a personal basis, they're very good". Pompeo welcomed that as a step agreed to by Trump and Kim in Singapore, and said it would be done in the presence of US and global inspectors.

The leaders of the two Koreas agreed on steps aimed at advancing North Korea's denuclearization.

Moon's office said North Korean workers made a mistake.

The two countries also agreed to engage "in constant communication and close consultations" to review the implementation of the previously signed Panmunjom Declaration "and prevent accidental military clashes by promptly activating the Inter-Korean Joint Military Committee".

Mr Kim had made pledges during earlier meetings with Mr Moon and Mr Trump about denuclearising the Korean peninsula but there were few specifics and US-North Korea progress faltered.

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North Korea says Kim's grandfather and father, Kim Jong-il, were born at Mount Paektu, a centrepiece of the North's idolisation and propaganda campaign to highlight the sacred bloodline of the ruling Kim family. North Korea wants South Korea and the United States to declare the war to be formally over, as a sign that hostilities have ended and to build trust.

Earlier this summer, U.S. President Donald Trump met with Kim in Singapore to discuss a path forward for global peace agreements between not only North and South Korea, but with the United States as well.

The South Korean president gave a speech to tens of thousands of North Koreans, speaking both about reunification and the aim to denuclearise the Korean peninsula.

Though inter-Korean relations were a major theme at a performance of the mass games last week, the event is also used by the North to promote the superiority of its ideology and system.

Asked about the specific corresponding U.S. measures demanded by Kim for denuclearisation, Moon said the matter should be discussed between North Korea and the US.

"Many people in the South would go to Mount Paektu from the China side, but I decided not to, pledging myself that I would go stepping on our soil", Moon told Kim after reaching the peak of the mountain. They said the North was also willing to close its main nuclear complex if the United States took unspecified "reciprocal action".

Moon said he will carry a private message from Kim for Trump when he meets the US president in NY next week at a United Nations meeting.

"I propose we move forward toward the big picture of peace in which the past 70-year-long hostility can be eradicated and we can become one again", he said, prompting rapturous applause.

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