Chrome will start warning users about shady mobile subscription pages

Alonzo Simpson
November 10, 2018

McAfee Mobile Research said at the time, "Even when the payment is detected early, most of the time the charge is for a subscription rather than a one-time payment". However, generating fake system messages, redirecting you to other pages, and attempting to steal personal information are some of the main tricks to manipulate your browser and user experience.

Found yourself subscribed to a shady ringtone service?

They'll have until early December to fix any issues, as that's when Google plans to release Chrome 71, the last Chrome version released this year.

With Chrome 71, Google looks to show a warning before these pages, so that users can make informed decisions when signing up to mobile based subscription services. Several websites with mobile subscription pages use deceiving methods to disguise the fact they are charging users. Surprising charges that come from unclear communication are a poor user experience.

At these warning pages, users can decide whether they want to ignore the warning and proceed, or go back to the previous page they were at.

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Once users encounter these kinds of websites, a warning page will appear. Google also failed to tell parents that entering the password would then open a 30-minute window during which children could make unlimited charges without authorization, according to the FTC.

WebView is the Android platform that allows web pages to be viewed within Android apps.

Before accepting terms and conditions, can these users see the full costs? For example, Chrome 70 will have different warning interstitials than Chrome 71.

For example, below is the traditional Safe Browsing interstitial a user would see when going to a site that is distributing malware. Of course, the internet users can turn the filtering off but a majority of them are likely to leave their settings on default causing Google to flag a huge number of ads and affecting the website's revenue.

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