Fortnite's Player Count Exceeds 8 Million

Alonzo Simpson
November 12, 2018

Epic later confirmed this figure, in English, to VG24/7.

The popular video game Fortnite will offer a series of National Football League themed outfits for players starting today at 4pm.

While my and my friends were debating over Dota 2 vs PUBG concurrent players, and how each one's Fortnite rowed the boat and hit 8.3 million concurrent players just today. This coincides with challenges introduced to South Korean players centred around PC Bang, encouraging them to go out and play Fortnite at the real life locations. There are so many possibilities out there and with what we've seen so far from the Fortnite studio, nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

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To get that in perspective, that is more concurrent players than the total of all the people playing all the games on Steam combined, a Next Web report points out.

Epic Games has announced that a new Mounted Turret weapon is coming to Fortnite Battle Royale in a future update. To promote the launch, Epic Games Korea gave an interview with Inven where its spokesperson, Sung Chul Park, revealed the worldwide player count for the popular Battle Royale game.

The game's popularity isn't showing signs of letting up.

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