Stan Lee's Family Holds Small, Private Funeral

Lula Sharp
November 19, 2018

This week, comic book legend and pop culture icon Stan Lee died and while his fans, colleagues, and members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe mourned his death, Bill Maher addressed his death from another angle. The television host suggested that some twenty years ago people decided not to give up "kid stuff", and pretended that comics were sophisticated literature.

In Saturday's blog entry, Maher seems to belittle Lee's contribution to popular culture and suggests that adults who still read comic books are the reason Donald Trump - a primary target of his "Real Time" program - is president of the United States.

"The assumption [used to be] that comics were for kids, and when you grew up you moved on to big-boy books without the pictures".

"And because America has over 4,500 colleges - which means we need more professors than we have smart people - some dumb people got to be professors by writing theses with titles like Otherness and Heterodoxy in the Silver Surfer".

The post slams Americans for "using their smarts on stupid stuff", pointing out that fans were overreacting in the moments after Lee's passing. "And now when adults are forced to do grown-up things like buy auto insurance, they call it "adulting", and act like it's some giant struggle", Maher quipped.

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The post on his website generated almost 300 comments in 23 hours, a lot of them criticizing his stance. "Stan was always adamant that he did not want a large public funeral, and as such his family has conducted a private closed ceremony in accordance with his final wishes".

Stan Lee passed away in Los Angeles this week at the age of 95, and was farewelled on Friday in a private funeral with family members.

Stan is survived by his daughter Joan; his wife of 69 years, also Joan, died last year aged 95, while their second daughter Jan died three days after delivery in 1953.

'In the meantime, we understand and share your desire to commune with fellow fans, and we have set up a tribute wall on where we can all share our thoughts, prayers and messages of support. And he's the one who really said, 'If you're different that makes you special.' He was one of those guys that really believed that.

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