Trump urges Florida to end vote recount and hand elections to Republicans

Nellie Chapman
November 14, 2018

Statewide popular elections for the U.S. Senate are relatively modern and didn't fully evolve until after the 17th Amendment was passed in 1913. The motion was supported by lawyers representing the state Republican Party and opposed by Snipes' office, Nelson's campaign and the state Democratic Party.

"Supervisors of elections are independently elected constitutional officers and it is each supervisor's responsibility to adhere to the law", state spokeswoman Sarah Revell said in an email. That seems to work for Canada, at least by comparison to the U.S. He suggested election officials could be appointed by the governor but also confirmed by a wide margin in the state Legislature.

President Donald Trump again weighed in on Florida's election recount Tuesday, calling for the state's Democratic senator to admit he lost and again implying two counties' election officials are trying to steal the election from the Republicans without offering any proof.

The rules are created to help elections officials in each of Florida's 67 counties determine a voter's intent when a ballot is rejected from a tabulation machine because of undervotes - when the machine can't detect the voter made a choice in a race - or overvotes - when the machine detects a voter marked more than one choice in a race.

Republican Gov. Rick Scott holds a narrow lead over incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson.

"He's thrown around words like voter fraud, with no proof", Nelson told a news conference in Washington on Tuesday.

The latter part is certainly true. On Monday, Trump demanded that the Senate race be called in favor of Scott and insinuated that fraudulent behavior was afoot.

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, left, on the trail with gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis.

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Florida is the country's third-largest state in terms of population.

"If someone in this lawsuit or someone in this county has evidence of voter fraud or irregularities at the supervisor's office, they should report it to their local law enforcement officer", Tuter said. Schumer added, "Gov. Scott needs to recuse himself from any involvement in the recount and do it now".

That assessment, which was first reported by the Miami Herald, jives with that given by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which said Friday it has also seen no allegations of fraud. Counties that haven't finished their recounts by the deadline will have to report the numbers as they stood before that process began (though revised numbers may be included in the final, final state results, due on November 20). And as Democrats fight to have every voice heard, Republican shouting about voter fraud without evidence serves a double purpose-it not only provides an excuse for trying to halt the count now, it sets up the justification for the Republicans' ultimate move in the Senate race later.

If the county can't finish the machine recount, it must submit its original count with an explanation for why it failed to meet the deadline, according to Florida laws governing recounts. Former President Barack Obama wasn't so publicly involved when a recount and legal process in the 2008 election delayed a Democrat taking a Minnesota Senate seat until July 2009. During a manual recount, only those ballots are re-examined to see whether the voter skipped the race or marked the ballot in a way that cannot be machine read but can be deciphered. And do Nelson and Gillum have a shot?

Republicans challenge whether the recount should have proceeded at all, but now that it's happening, it appears to be following clearly defined rules that are not out of step with what happens in other states.

When all is said and done, I believe DeSantis and Scott will both be victorious. The account profile says, "Average Shmo, Single father of 3 Let Morals, Values, & Ethics guide you".

Recounts were ordered for three major Florida elections after the votes were too close to call last week. She also has built her name recognition by using office resources during elections.

Florida's ongoing recount battle heads back to a courtroom Wednesday.

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