UK: Transport minister resigns over Brexit plans

Nellie Chapman
November 11, 2018

The choice being presented to the British people was no choice at all, he said in an online article, announcing his resignation.

But while Jo Johnson called Theresa May's Brexit strategy "a failure of British statecraft unseen since the Suez crisis" and being bound by European Union rules with no say a "never-ending purgatory", he mocked his brother's suggestion that a no deal Brexit would be a realistic option, adding: "inflicting such serious economic and political harm on the country will leave an indelible impression of incompetence in the minds of the public".

Rachel's comments on the state of Brexit were subsequently echoed by her father Stanley Johnson who said that the negotiations were "careering into the jaws of death".

"We can stop this Tory Brexit but, ultimately, it should be for the people to decide", he said.

The Orpington MP acknowledged that a no-deal Brexit could result in "Kent becoming the Lorry Park of England", with real questions about guaranteeing supplies of food and medicines.

"It can not be what you wanted nor did the 2016 referendum provide any mandate for it".

If Britain does leave the EU, Johnson believes that the chaos will be preferable to the terms offered by the union because, eventually, Britain will adapt.

Jo Johnson's decision to quit as transport minister saw pro-EU and arch-Brexiteers in the Conservative Party unite to attack the Prime Minister's stance.

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Another brother, Leo, 50, is not in public life but, as a remainer, he tweeted: "Respect to you Jo my bro".

Johnson said the mooted deal had united him in "fraternal dismay" with Boris, who stepped down as foreign secretary in July over May's Chequers strategy. It is a surrender of control.

She has consistently rejected the idea of another nationwide vote on Brexit, insisting her obligation is to make good on the will of the people as expressed in 2016.

FILE - In this March 28, 2017 file photo, Jo Johnson visits the the European Commission in Brussels.

"With even Tory ministers recognising that Brexit threatens the poorest in society, our public services and Britain's place in the world, to have a Labour leader just shrug about it, then go awol (absent without leave), is nothing short of a dereliction of duty", he said. "Other MPs should now follow his lead".

"The referendum in 2016 was the biggest democratic exercise in this country's history". England. Johnson, the younger brother of Boris Johnson, stepped down as a transport minister Friday, Nov. 9, 2018 and called for a second Brexit referendum.

Jo Johnson has hinted that other ministers might consider quitting in protest of Theresa May's Brexit plan - one day after he resigned.

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