‘Hades’ Is The Latest Isometric Action Game From Supergiant

Alonzo Simpson
December 8, 2018

Offering third party titles, special incentives for developers, and a host of exclusive features, the Epic Games Store is now live for all to try out.

Installation requires elevation but holds no surprises. Instead of taking a 30% cut (something Steam initially takes), the Epic Store takes 12%, a far more appealing deal. The Store supports email and password accounts, and accounts from the Playstation Network, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Facebook, and Google at the time of writing.

The Store itself holds just a few games right now.

Darksiders III, a game with no shortages of flaws, will get added on December 14, along with Subnautica followed by Super Meat Boy at the end of the month. Yes, it fragments my library even more (I already have paid for games on steam, gog, uplay and android store.and now this), and yes I want to play journey (but not enough to buy a console for it). Subnautica, an underwater survival game, is now $24.99 on Steam, but Epic Games will give away free copies from December 14th - 27th. The two games are fairly popular and have been well received. Developers get 88 per cent of the the money that comes in from sales of their games on the platform.

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The Store has its own Mod Editors section that users can download to their devices, and a section for Unreal Engine which users can install as well.

A friends system is supported, however. Epic said it planned to give customers a free game every fortnight. This is not too dissimilar to EA making select games free on its Origin store. Host of The Game Awards, Geoff Keighley stated, "Thursday during don't miss a Fortnite announcement and world premiere from Epic's Donald Mustard".

While this selection is sure to grow, it's clear Epic Games store isn't going to be anything like Steam in the near future.

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