Vaccination is the best defense against the "Flu"

Laverne Higgins
December 9, 2018

During last year's flu season, 325 adults and five children died in Kentucky due to flu or complications from the virus, and there were a record number of hospitalizations.

This year's Flu strain is more unsafe for younger people.

"If you or someone you know is suffering from flu and they're lethargic or unable to think clearly, or unable to wake up from sleep and appear to be sleeping really, really deep and you can't wake them up, those are reasons to get them emergent care", says Howard. Flu vaccines keep detrimental symptoms at bay and emergency rooms less crowded. A flu vaccine is not only important for protecting yourself but also for protecting your friends and family members.

"Even in December, it's not too late for New Jersey seniors to get a flu shot", said Melissa Jevic Evans, nurse practitioner, Clover Health. Back in 2015-16, Kaweah Delta began requiring all staff to either get a flu vaccination or wear a face mask during cold and flu season.

This article is a condensed version of The Conversation article "Countering misinformation about flu vaccine is harder than it seems'".

Evidently, some of the main reasons why they do not want to get vaccinated include concerns over the side effects or the actual efficacy of the flu vaccine, while others are merely not anxious that they will catch the flu. But why is it important to get the shot, especially if you're not in any risk groups? "With healthcare personnel influenza vaccination rates of 98 percent for two years straight; these results are evidence that healthcare personnel at Kaweah Delta are concerned about the patients they care for". People who have a severe allergy to the flu vaccine or any of its ingredients should not get the flu vaccine.

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Fact: The flu vaccine reduces the risk of contracting and spreading the disease by up to 60 percent, according to the CDC. However, what parents tend to overlook are the serious consequences of not having their child vaccinated.

Vaccinations are a significant achievement in the advancement of public health, aiding in diminishing the detrimental effects induced by harmful pathogens.

Flu vaccines are available from your doctor and at many retail pharmacies.

The flu shot is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, who can pass on antibodies to their babies that will help protect them.

Webby said a "slightly reassuring signal" this year is that the H1N1 strain is the dominant strain of flu circulating. Although flu vaccines are not ideal, they are the best way to prevent getting the flu.

The CDC is an excellent resource for information regarding the flu. The policy notes that the minimum age a person can be to visit patient floors is age 12, otherwise they can wait in the hospital's lobbies accompanied by an adult (unless they have received special approval for extenuating circumstances).

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