Valve makes 'Counter-Strike: GO' free and adds battle royale

Alonzo Simpson
December 8, 2018

Valve announced today that Counter Strike: Global Offensive is receiving a battle royale mode titled Danger Zone, in addition to the base game adopting a free-to-play model. Yes, you read that right!

"Danger Zone", which is Valve's take on Battle Royale, where players are dropped in an unknown island with no supplies, guns or equipment, with the main aim of surviving till the end as the play area gets smaller and smaller.

On top of adding battle royale combat, the game is also now free to play. Well, you'll be awarded "Prime" status, which makes you "eligible to receive Prime-exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapon cases", according to the game's Steam page.

In our review of CS:GO back in 2012, we called the game "Great" calling it a "top-tier tactics game that will probably share the long-tailed legacy of its predecessors".

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players can try out Danger Zone right now on PC, Mac, and Linux. That does create the issue of whether, if you know where other players are, you pursue them to up your kill count or avoid them like the black death because you know you'd be outmatched.

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This isn't the game's first experience in the free-to-play realm.

Another significant difference is that you have a tablet you can use to track enemy movements and their deliveries. Matches feature 18 players, each equipped with a tablet that offers intel on others. Danger Zone arrives, of course, with 17 new seasonal weapon skins. Expect weapons to have the same properties as they do in the core game, with looting being a big focus of "Danger Zone".

The new battle royale mode gives players who have previously played CS:GO a Loyalty Badge for their profile. Matches entered as a solo player have 16 people, while team matches have up to 18 players.

Players will also have an arsenal available to them that are already familiar to CS:GO players.

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