Amazon Developing Streaming Video Game Service

Alonzo Simpson
January 13, 2019

Now, Amazon is throwing its hat into the game-streaming ring, according to a report from The Information.

There's no shortage of game streaming services these days.

Video game streaming services haven't quite bedded in with the gaming masses yet, despite the admirable efforts of set-ups like Nvidia's GeForce Now and Sony's PlayStation Now.

Suffice it to say that video game streaming is likely the next step in gaming, and with as huge a company as Amazon joining the ranks, expect the industry to hit full throttle.

As if that were not enough, Amazon is not a stranger to the universe of video games. That could all be changing soon and according to a new report from the Information, Amazon hopes to ride the cloud-gaming wave alongside its close competitors at Google and Microsoft. The project is also said to be far from finished and isn't expected to launch until 2020 at the earliest.

Backing up the claims, The Verge.spotted two job listings posted by Amazon for engineers to work on cloud gaming.

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As Netflix did with TV shows and movies, and Spotify did with music, a gaming platform could offer customers a wider universe of content through a monthly subscription, while giving game studios a steady revenue stream and a broader pool of potential customers.

EA Games recently got on board as well, developing their own game streaming service.

The idea is that the service will handle all the heavy computing needed to run graphics-intensive games in the cloud, and then stream it to your computer or mobile device so your experience is indistinguishable from running those titles natively on a high-end gaming system.

Meanwhile, Google started testing a cloud gaming service under the name of Project Steam, with a limited number of users.

That's not all. The company's Amazon Web Services cloud platform has a dedicated unit for working with game publishers.

Amazon has yet to confirm any news, and no release date or pricing has been announced.

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