Resident Evil 2: 9 Things To Look Forward To

Alonzo Simpson
January 13, 2019

This has led to a lot of players looking for some way to replay the game.

The Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo which we originally discovered back in December is now available to download. It appears that you can't go beyond the bounds of the content intended for the demo, even with the timer disabled.

Often cited as a prime example of a sequel done right, Resident Evil 2 was a runaway success on its 1998 release for the PlayStation.

The demo weighs in at around 7.9GB on PS4, although there's no word on whether it will be available to pre-load. If you complete the story mission of the demo before the clock runs out, for example, you can replay the demo as many times as you like in the remaining time.

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It was recently revealed that the Resident Evil 2 Remake demo has an interesting gimmick attached.

In fact, the entire idea behind the demo was to only give players one chance to complete it and experience it. You won't be able to play the demo again once the time has expired, but you can view the trailer as much as you'd like. If players succumb to the zombies during their 30 minutes, they can continue any number of times until the full 30 minutes have been reached. However, finishing the demo will unlock a special new trailer for users to watch.

Given that this is a free demo, it's tough to call this piracy - but the trainer does come courtesy of a notable crack group, so you're on your own if you want to track down the program.

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