Britain to ‘enhance lethality’ amid Russia, China threats -Minister

Nellie Chapman
February 13, 2019

He also said the country's planned exit from the European Union on March 29 had brought the United Kingdom its "greatest opportunity" to strengthen its global presence.

Speaking at the Royal United Services Institute on Monday, Mr Williamson will unveil plans to modernise the armed forces, and say it must increase its "mass and lethality".

To increase the ability to resist those who despise global law, the defense secretary proposed plans to modernize and boost combat capability of the British armed forces, including investment in the Royal fleet and rapid reaction forces, cyber forces, as well as "swarm squadrons" of drones, aimed to to overwhelm enemy air defenses.

Britain's defense minister says the country should bolster its military capabilities after Brexit and warned that Russian Federation should be aware that actions deemed unacceptable by the West will "come at a cost", according to a text seen by Reuters.

The carrier, Britain's largest and most powerful warship, will carry its contingent of state-of-the-art F-35 stealth fighter jets as well as US Marine Corps F-35s as it ventures into a region where "China is developing its modern military capability and its commercial power", Williamson added.

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He told those gathered for his speech that "state-on-state competition was reviving".

"Such action from Russian Federation must come at a cost", Williamson will say in the speech, according to the text.

According to him, Brexit gives Britain an unparalleled opportunity to consider how we can project and maximise our influence around the world.

"And action, on occasion, that may lead us to have to intervene alone, " he said.

"We can build new alliances, rekindle old ones and most importantly make it clear that we are the country that will act when required".

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