Man accepts lottery jackpot in 'Scream' mask

Darnell Taylor
February 13, 2019

A lottery victor hit the jackpot last week in Jamaica, and the person showed up to claim the winnings wearing a Scream mask in an attempt to protect his identity.

One man in Jamaica was the lucky victor of the country's Super Lotto and went to great lengths to keep his identity secret when showing up to claim his prize in a full-on Scream suit made famous in the 1996 thriller, CBS reports.

Decked out in a full-length coat, long trousers, gloves and the mask made famous by the horror movie franchise, he arrived incognito in a bid to hide his identity - a common practice in the Caribbean given the high levels of crime and fears of being hounded for money by family and friends.

It had taken 54 days for Campbell to claim his ticket, causing the Super Lotto parent company, Supreme Ventures Limited, to put out ads urging the victor not let the 90-day deadline to claim winnings expire.

"Sometimes I feel so much pain, I forgot that I had won", he said.

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Campbell, according to the Jamaica Star, became sick when he found out he won the Super Lotto in November, after buying a ticket for $1.48.

Campbell said his life was hard, but he noted that it will change after winning. "[Wondering] if what I've been longing for really come true", Campbell said.

He was identified only as A. Cambell, winning the lottery almost two months ago.

'So I'm looking at things that can turn over the money.

"In other markets, they don't necessarily do it, but here I think they opt to do it to keep themselves safe", she said, adding that officials "are not going to tell them not to do that because their safety is of paramount importance to us as well".

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