Saudi Crown Prince to embark on Pakistan visit later this week

Nellie Chapman
February 14, 2019

"America's not covering up for a murder". Though Saudi Arabia remains India's top crude oil supplier, the two countries have expanded ties beyond energy, and their governments have agreed to build a strategic partnership, the foreign ministry said. "Their investment fund is over $1 trillion, so we want just a fraction of that", said a second Pakistani minister, who did not wish to be named.

In the letter, obtained by The Associated Press, Pompeo wrote that in multiple meetings with Saudi officials and in numerous public statements, he had "emphasized the importance of a thorough, transparent and timely investigation, including accountability for those responsible for the killing".

This will be his first-ever visit to Pakistan as the crown prince.

"This amounts to the Trump administration aiding in the cover-up of a murder", said Democratic Senator Tim Kaine on Sunday.

Saudi officials are hoping that the five death penalty cases will alleviate U.S. pressure to prosecute Qahtani, sources told the WSJ.

The remarks came after US President Donald Trump missed a Congress deadline to determine who ordered Mr Khashoggi's assassination amid new revelations that Saudi Arabia's crown prince spoke of going after the writer "with a bullet".

Former US air force officer charged with spying for Iran
The shady packages helped the Iranian government to identify, track and neutralize USA counterintelligence agents, Demers said. Monica Elfriede Witt , a former Texas resident, left the USA military in 2008 after more than a decade of service.

The Trump administration had faced a February 8 deadline to send a report to Congress on who was responsible for Khashoggi's death and whether the USA government would impose sanctions on those behind the killing.

A year before Khashoggi was murdered October 2 in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Prince Mohammed told Aldakhil that he'd use that bullet if Khashoggi didn't return to the kingdom and stop criticizing the government from his perch in the USA, the Times reported on Thursday. "We are working diligently on that".

"America is not covering up for a murder", he said, adding that the U.S. would take more action to hold accountable all those responsible for his death.

That flies in the face of earlier claims by Saudi officials that Qahtani had been fired from his post in the aftermath of Khashoggi's murder - and amid heightened calls from lawmakers, human rights groups and other advocates to hold him accountable for his role in the crime.

Some Democrats and Republicans, however, maintain the sanctions, including a ban on travel to the US, are insufficient.

US lawmakers, Democrats and some of Trump's fellow Republicans, have sought a strong response by Washington to Khashoggi's murder and to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition is fighting Iran-backed Houthi rebels. "That's what the law says".

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