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Alonzo Simpson
March 16, 2019

Even though the Google Play Store is more of a service than an app, the Android parent is still improving its performances every other week via APK updates.

The functionality of SimBad can be summarized under three separate categories, including phishing, the ability to show advertisements, and exposure to secondary apps.

There is ongoing speculation that nearly 150 million Android phone users who installed an app may be facing a malware attack.

According to the tests, 138 of the apps detected less than 30 percent of the malware samples or had a tendency to falsely flag clean files as bad.

The company's test of the 250 apps contains a list of the best-performing Android security apps.

The antivirus testing group AV-Comparatives recently tested 250 antimalware security apps available on the Google Play Store - and unfortunately most underperformed. It was found that numerous antivirus apps instead of scanning the apps, simply used a whitelist/blacklist approach based on package names than relying on the code for deciding whether an app is risky or harmless. Some security apps couldn't run on Oreo; for those, AV Comparatives used Android 6.01 running on a Nexus 5 instead.

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Boris Cipot, senior security engineer at Synopsys Inc, . also advised users not to download any unknown apps or apps from unknown providers, at least not immediately.

Previously, a user had a single control to allow or deny an app access to device location, which covered location usage by the app both while it was in use and while it wasn't. That way, the researchers would test if the app works and if it's being updated at all. Infected Apps Check Point outlined the apps that have been found to have SimBad, and a lot of them have millions of downloads.

Traditional adware typically hijacks ads or displays additional ads to users, but SimBad is that and more, reflecting a far more serious malware threat.

These apps even detected themselves as malicious. Similarly, one should not rely on the reviews either as some developers may also fake them.

Would you use AntiVirus that detect itself as risky app?

So now people have to go through the list of applications and remove them to get rid of the malware, so get busy all you players of Beard mustache hairstyle changer Editor (over one million downloads amazingly). In some cases, the apps are simply buggy, e.g. because they have poorly implemented a third-party engine. And if those changes and features are important enough, you might think about switching phones for them.

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