DPRK strengthens ties with Russian Federation, blames US for breakdown of summit

Nellie Chapman
March 15, 2019

The North Korean leadership is considering suspension of denuclearization talks with the United States, North Korea's Deputy Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui told reporters on Friday.

She also said the US had "lost a golden opportunity" at the US-North Korea summit in Hanoi on February 27 and 28.

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Choe questioned the claim by Trump at a news conference after the talks in Hanoi broke down that the North was seeking the lifting of all sanctions against it, and said it was seeking only the ones that are directed at its civilian economy.

North Korea is considering breaking off negotiations with the US and resuming nuclear and missile tests, following last month's summit in Vietnam that ended early and without an agreement, a government official said. "We are hopeful that we can continue to have conversations and negotiations".

"We've discussed their reaction and our reaction", Bolton said.

Markey, the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's East Asia sub-panel, raised concerns about a North Korean official's reported assertion that Pyongyang has no plans of continuing talks unless the United States makes new concessions and changes its "political calculation".

The North Korean delegation came to Hanoi with a realistic proposal of the United States lifting some economic sanctions as a gesture of recognition of Pyongyang's 15-month moratorium on nuclear and ballistic missile tests, Choe told diplomats and journalists.

"We should not concede to North Korea's threats", he stressed.

President Donald Trump meets North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Feb. 27, 2019, in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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The second Trump-Kim summit broke down over differences about USA demands for Pyongyang to denuclearize and North Korea's demand for dramatic relief from global sanctions imposed for its nuclear and missile tests, which it pursued for years in defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions.

"Whether to maintain this moratorium or not is the decision of our chairman of the state affairs commission", Choe said, referring to Kim by one of his many titles, the NY Times reported.

According to Choe, Kim is set to make an official announcement soon on his position on the denuclearization talks with the US and DPRK's further actions.

"It is undesirable for the U.S.to impose additional sanctions if North Korea has not made an explicit provocation", Moon said, "Extra sanction requires supporting reasons to justify, and without legit cause, it will prevent from two side talking".

The meeting in Vietnam ended when Trump walked away from North Korea's offer to dismantle the Yongbyon nuclear facility in exchange for relief from economic sanctions targeting their industries like coal, oil, and fishing and totaling billions of dollars. He said he had spoken to his South Korean counterpart but wanted to consult with other USA officials before responding further. "We have every expectation he will live up to that commitment", he said.

What did Pompeo and Bolton say?

Satellite imagery has revealed activity at a North Korea rocket site, though USA officials say there's no signs yet that Pyongyang is preparing to restart testing. US officials explained that decommissioning Yongbyon would not do enough to irreversibly end North Korea's nuclear missile program, while the concessions North Korea demanded would effectively unravel the sanctions regime.

North Korea has not conducted nuclear or missile testing since 2017.

The activity at Sohae "doesn't necessarily really surprise me", Miller said.

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