Huawei has backup Android plan

Alonzo Simpson
March 16, 2019

Huawei envisages its battle with the Authorities could lead to a final ban on the export of US-made products and services like Android and Windows and is making all moves to obviate the effects on the company should it get to that.

'We have prepared our own operating system.

"Huawei has built its own operating system for smartphones and computers in case it is suddenly blocked from using United States software from Microsoft and Google", the CNBC reported on Friday.

In an interview with Die Welt, company chairman Richard Yu said that globalized economies are interdependent on each other to survive - that means Huawei still has a place within American business.

Despite Huawei fighting the USA government in court, the company is preparing for the worst. In January 2019, the U.S. DOJ filed criminal charges against Huawei for alleged trade secret theft, bank fraud, and obstruction of justice.

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The US alleges during meetings with an unnamed banking institution in the US, Wanzhou misrepresented Huawei's ownership and control of Iranian affiliate Skycom.

According to Yu, Huawei would prefer working with Google and Microsoft but could launch its own proprietary operating system if the situation worsens. In April 2018, ZTE, also from China, was banned from receiving exports from USA suppliers including Qualcomm chips and Google Android OS for its phones, effectively shutting it down until the ban's lifting in July 2018.

A company spokesperson later confirmed this so-called "Plan B" with the South China Morning Post. The company recently made a huge announcement regarding its future plans with its laptop and smartphone devices which now run Microsoft's Windows and Google's Android respectively. Many users will have their own favourite apps within the Android ecosystem, which developers say may be the issue in convincing them to jump onto a new platform. In 2016, reports of a Huawei OS being in development surface again, this time as a precaution in case its relationship with Google goes bad.

The lawsuit alleges that the global Huawei CFO was detained and interrogated by airport customs, and her electronic devices searched, before informing her that she was under arrest.

However, Huawei has confirmed it has a backup OS in case that happens.

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