Software upgrade for grounded Max jets weeks away - Boeing

Nellie Chapman
March 17, 2019

Boeing has halted deliveries of its top-selling model ahead of the software patch, which was already underway prior to the latest incident near Addis Ababa.

In a statement, Boeing said it had "full confidence" in the plane.

In a document distributed by the airline to family members who lost loved ones in the crash, Ethiopian Airlines laid out a timetable for the return of victims´ belongings and the distribution of death certificates. The BEA also said work resumed on the flight's data recorders.

Just minutes after takeoff, the simulator plane crashed, like what happened in reality.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration said regulators had new data from satellite-based tracking that showed the movements of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 were similar to those of Lion Air Flight 610, which crashed off Indonesia in October, killing 189 people. US pilot unions said their pilots were aware of the software issue and knew how to overcome it.

Meanwhile, American pilots have raised questions about the training provided to the flight crews.

The US on Wednesday joined most countries in grounding the 737 MAX over safety fears.

Air traffic controllers were aware of the plane's flight path.

This is the 737 Max's automatic anti-stalling system which is created to keep the plane from stalling.

Huawei has backup Android plan
DOJ filed criminal charges against Huawei for alleged trade secret theft, bank fraud, and obstruction of justice. A company spokesperson later confirmed this so-called "Plan B" with the South China Morning Post .

Thousands of miles away, distraught families were demanding answers as they visited the deep black crater where the plane smashed into a field outside the capital, disintegrating on impact.

While Boeing Co.'s stock took a hit in light of the worldwide grounding of its 737 Max 8 and 9 aircraft, Canadian airlines have not seen their stocks dramatically dragged down this week. The information that they contain helps explain 90 percent of all crashes, according to aviation experts.

US President Donald Trump told reporters the "safety of the American people and all peoples is our paramount concern".

Boeing has declined to say whether the Ethiopian Airlines crash gave new urgency to finish the work, but experts have said that is a safe bet. This was the second disaster involving the Boeing plane in the last five months.

In two anonymous reports on flights just after the Lion Air disaster, United States pilots disconnected the autopilot and corrected the plane's trajectory in response.

Saudi Arabia has not said whether it has grounded the aircraft.

In both crashes, pilots asked to return minutes into flight. "Request vector (direction) for landing".

The Indonesian investigation focuses on whether flight-control software embedded in the plane automatically pushed the nose down repeatedly, and whether the pilots knew how to fix the problem.

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