Top Mueller prosecutor to leave Russian Federation probe

Nellie Chapman
March 15, 2019

The departure could be a sign that Mr. Mueller's team is wrapping up their investigation into allegations of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign to influence the 2016 USA presidential election.

But the resolution by itself can not force attorney general William Barr to publish more of the report than he intends to - and that is why even some of the Republicans supporting it complained that the measure was a waste of time.

Most Republicans sided with Democrats on the resolution, though they called it a waste of time.

The House panel's top Republican, Representative Doug Collins, backed the resolution but described it as a restatement of the regulations that give Barr the option of releasing the full report.

News outlets have reported that Mueller & Co. were in the process of writing a final report on the investigation, which looked into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation as well as possible obstruction of justice on the part of President Trump.

Barr said at his confirmation hearing in January that he takes seriously the department regulations that say Mueller's report should be confidential. "All signs right now point to Mueller finding no collusion with Russian Federation, at least not by Trump, in the final report".

"I rise in support of this resolution because I want the whole truth and nothing but the truth to come to light in this matter", said Rep. Will Hurd, R-Texas, a member of the Intelligence Committee and former CIA officer.

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Several Republicans have also agreed that Mueller should release not simply the full report, but any and all investigative materials that informed it.

Excluding themselves from the bipartisan House consensus were four members, who instead chose to vote present: libertarians Rep. Justin Amash (Ky.) and Rep. Thomas Massie (Mich.), and President Donald Trump Republican loyalists Rep. Matt Gaetz (Fla.) and Paul Gosar (Ariz.).

The vote comes amid more signs that Mueller's team is winding its investigation down. He will also work on public service projects, including preventing wrongful convictions through more stringent forensic science standards.

As such, it is not clear if the Republican leader of the Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, will put the resolution on the Senate floor for a vote.

"Andrew has been involved with NYU Law in the past and we have been talking with him about returning to the Law School following his current commitments", said Michael Orey, a spokesman for the Law School. But nobody has lifted a finger to call for an investigation into the other side of the story.

Graham's amendment effectively blocked the resolution's passage in the Senate, at least in the near-term, because Schumer refused to add the amendment to the resolution.

In February, six House Democratic committee chairs, led by Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler of NY, made a similar request in a letter to Barr.

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