Valve Expanding Steam Link Functionality So Gamers Can Play Anywhere

Alonzo Simpson
March 16, 2019

Valve's Steam Link hardware might be dead, but Steam Link as a service is getting a pretty major upgrade.

Assuming you've got all that covered, you'll see an "Other Computer" option on the screen when searching for computers to connect to via Steam Link.

Using Steam Link Anywhere, you can play your Steam library from any location, assuming you have a strong data connection. The only requirements are that you have a good upload connection from your gaming computer and a good download connection from the device you want to play on.

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As of right now, only Raspberry Pi, devices running Android, and the discontinued but still usable Steam Link hardware can support the Steam Link Anywhere beta.

Game streaming is becoming more and more popular as time goes on.

Steam Link Anywhere is still in its beta stage, but it should provide gamers with relatively decent streaming experience. Part of this is better development tools, but more importantly, Valve are letting developers route network traffic through Steam's own infrastructure now. That's because Apple has already rejected Steams attempts to get the Steam Link app into the App Store, saying that it represents "business conflicts" presumably because Apple is anxious about people playing PC games rather than those from the App Store. It normally works by connecting a mobile device to a host computer via a local network. The app is still officially in beta, but you can try out the service by visiting the Steam Store. Regardless, this is an exciting development from Valve that represents just how powerful gaming will be on the 5G networks of the future, with fast speeds and low latencies.

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