Apple’s Find My Friends update could get a Tile-style tracker

Alonzo Simpson
April 21, 2019

According to Rambo, Apple is also working on a new tracking tile that can be attached to items and located using iCloud and the new Find My iPhone application.

Apple is reportedly working to merge Find My Friends and Find My iPhone into a single app, and even compete with Tile by launching a new object-tracking tag. The information revealed that the new app will have all the functionalities of both the apps while launching on iOS and macOS as a Marzipan app.

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Find My iPhone and Find My Friends are now separate applications, but Apple is reportedly going to merge them in future versions of iOS and mac OS, and add useful features. Apple is also building ability to track not just Apple devices but other objects as well in this app, using the company's now in development hardware product. They'll be able to track both Apple and non-Apple devices, even if not connected to the internet, via Wi-Fi or cellular. Similarly, the users will be able to send location sharing requests to others. The app will also allow you to set up notifications for when a friend visits or leaves a certain location. A year later, Apple decided that it could also leverage the service to help users find their friends' iPhones as well, as a way of letting friends and family members keep track of each other. Devices can be put in "lost mode" or made to play a sound using the same app, just like Find My iPhone. As well, the system will reportedly enable tag owners to crowdsource an effort for locating a lost item - a feature now offered by the company behind the tracker Tile. Apple is reportedly developing a new tag, codenamed "B389", which you'll be able to attach to an item you want to track. The tags locations will also be shareable with friends and family. You can get notifications when your iPhone gets too far away from the tag, so it will be easy to find again.

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