Brexit can not define us, says UK PM's deputy as ratings dip

Nellie Chapman
April 15, 2019

The poll said Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would have a high chance of entering the Number 10 Downing Street because his party would be the largest in the Commons after a general election as many conservative supporters would vote for nationalist parties like the UK Independence Party (UKIP) or the newly-launched Brexit Party run by former UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

Meanwhile, an analysis of various polls by the Sunday Telegraph showed that the Tories would lose almost 60 seats in a potential snap election that could come over May's failure to deliver on Brexit.

While The Brexit Party (15 per cent) and UKIP (14 per cent) take third and fourth places respectively after Labour and the Conservatives, the research firm noted that "neither [Tories nor Labour] are far enough ahead for comfort" of the anti-establishment Eurosceptics.

The deal includes a break clause that will allow to the United Kingdom to leave earlier if the House of Commons can pass the EU Withdrawal Agreement.

It would win 296 seats of the 650 parliamentary seats, against 259 for the Conservatives. The support is the lowest May's party has scored since the European elections in May 2014, according to the pollster.

The Telegraph commented that May now faces mounting calls by MPs and senior grassroots figures to name a date for her departure as it appeared Britain would have to participate next month in elections to the European Parliament.

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"What we have agreed is a programme of meetings next week on particular subjects with the ministers and shadow ministers concerned getting together", he told the BBC.

Hunt, a Brexit convert and Tory leadership hopeful, said passing the European Union withdrawal bill remained a priority for the government, as reports suggested leading cabinet members were happy for May to stay in office until the autumn if she failed to get her deal through parliament. "If on the other hand we do offer clarity and a confirmatory ballot we could do very well", Corbett said.

The two parties have set up a series of working groups in key areas, such as environmental standards, security and workers' rights, to try and find common ground.

"If we're going to reach an agreement on this there's going to need to be movement from both sides", he said.

UK's opposition Labour Party as well as groups supporting a clean break from the European Union (EU) are surging in the polls as a failure of the Conservative government to deliver Brexit has led to huge frustration in the country.

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