Nexus 6P owners will finally receive compensation from Google and Huawei

Alonzo Simpson
April 14, 2019

Unfortunately for worldwide owners of the Nexus 6P, the pending settlement only applies to residents of the United States plagued by the issue as that is the country of origin for the class-action lawsuit.

According to the documents related to the lawsuit, many Huawei Nexus 6P users encountered a number of problems with their smartphones such as their devices would often stick in bootloops where it wouldn't boot and a factory reset wasn't an option either.

Other Nexus 6P owners complained that their handsets would get suck in a boot loop, where the phone continually restarted without ever fully booting into Android. The lawsuit claims that the users' devices experienced a bootlooping issue that caused their phones to shut down, randomly irrespective of the battery level.

The class action settlement is based in the United States, so unfortunately only US buyers will be eligible for the possibility of getting a rebate.

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IT MAY HAVE TAKEN TWO YEARS, but Google and Huawei have finally reached an agreement to compensate owners of the bork-prone Nexus 6P. As per a proposed settlement to a class action lawsuit from some affected Nexus 6P users, Google and Huawei would be liable to pay a total of $9.75 million (roughly Rs. 67.39 crores). However, it now makes users in the U.S. who purchased the Nexus 6P on or after September 25, 2015, eligible for the compensation.

There's nothing like thinking you have 20 percent battery left and then the phone just shutting down on you!

The settlement is all depending on the court for the approval, but it seems that it's going to happen anytime soon.

In the meantime, are you a Nexus 6P owner? Now, the two companies have preliminary agreed to pay Nexus 6P users. For instance, if you didn't actually experience any bootloop or battery drain issues or you already received a Pixel XL as a replacement for your faulty Nexus 6P back in 2017, you'll only get a reward of between $5 and $10. By submitting both the proofs you can avail $400 settlement. Moreover, those who submit proper documentation for the bug will receive the large settlement amount, while those without any documentation may be eligible for up to $75.

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